Dead and Ganache

Dead and Ganache, is the fourth book in the Chocolate Whisperer Mystery by Colette London. Today is it’s release day, and I think everyone should have it in their trick or treat bag.

In this book Hayden returns to France to celebrate her chocolate mentor’s retirement. Except before they cam celebrate Hayden watches her mentor fall over with something sticking out of his back. Hayden is heartbroken and determined to found out who killed her mentor.

My Review

I one hundred percent loved this book, I stayed up way to late on a school night to finish it. This is the fourth book in the series, but it is the first that I have read. I was intrigued by the clever name and gorgeous cover. Since I usually read books set in small towns somewhere in the United States, this book was a nice change of pace. I loved that Hayden was the narrator of the story and the book had a great flow through the whole book. I loved the detail of the french town and how french tradition was used and talked about.  I loved the chemistry between Hayden and Travis and can’t wait to see where it goes. The mystery had a few great twists and turns, but it didn’t stop me from figuring out who the killer was before the book ended. Which is normally a bummer for me but the book is so well written that I didn’t mind. I am already checking with the library to get the first three books and can’t wait for the fifth book out 2018. I highly recommend this book.


Cremains of the Day

Cremains of Day ( A Tallie Graver Mystery) is the first book in a brand new series by Misty Simon. The series tells the story of Tallulah Graver, who left a disastrous marriage and now finds herself cleaning houses for the rich and snooty upper-class. She also works at the family funeral home, where she finds an employee with a knife in their chest. After she finds the body things get weird, she gets flowers  from the dead woman delivered  by a cute deliver guy and her friends store get broken into and her ex husband gets stun gunned. Can Talli put the weird clues together and find out who the killer is, before she is six feet under.

My Review

Cremains of the day is released tomorrow, which I think is a wickdly perfect release day for a book that focuses a lot on a family funeral home. In this first book in the Tallie Graver Mystery, we meet Tallulah Graver who has gone from cocktail parties to scrubbing toilets. Tallie is a great down on her luck character, trying to figure out how to get back on her feet. I will warn those cozy fans that this character uses PG-13 language, not bad but if you are against any bad language then this may not be for you. Another warning, there is alot of talk about the ex husbands package and it’s size. Which since the ex husband is stun gunned in that area makes somewhat necessary to the story, again just a head up. With that said I really enjoyed this quirky, interesting book. It had some great original twists and turns and the mystery was so hard to figure out with all the gossip and skeletons in people’s closets. This was the perfect read for October and I look forward to see where this series takes us.





Death Overdue: A Haunted Library Mystery

Death Overdue is the first in a great new series by Allison Brook. Carrie Singleton has been home in Clover Ridge, getting back on her feet, and working at the local library. Just when the traveling bug hits Carrie, she is offered a permanet position  at the library and put in charge of a event with a speaker, someone would like to silenced. AL Buckley said he knew who killed a local woman 15 years ago, but before he can tell his story, he is poisioned. Now Carrie with the help of the resident ghost has two murders two murders to solve.


My Review

I enjoyed this book, it was perfect for this time of year. I love a great cozy set in a Library. The main character Carrie is a smart and witty character, who isn’t sure that Clover Ridge is where she wants to be, but Clover ridge doesn’t seem like it will let her leave. Evelyn Haver is a great character, I liked that Evelyn is a helpful ghost with a sense of humor. there was actually two mysterues to solve in this book  and Allison Brook did a great job of weaving them in together. The book had a fast pace and a little romance. I look forward to reading future books in this series and highy recommend reading it

Where is the Hannah ?

This is my review of Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke. The 21st book in A  Hannah Swensen series. This book starts in Lake Eden, while Hannah and Ross are on their honeymoon. Hannah’s mom hears a commotion coming from the neighboring apartment of her dear friend and when she goes to check on the noise, she finds her friend has been murdered. Hannah rushes home to Lake Eden to help solve the murder. Can Hannah solve the murder and get used to life being married?


My Review

 I have loved this series for years. I have always enjoyed the town of Lake Eden and all of the characters. All the books have great mysteries and recipes. This book however, it wasn’t right. Hannah was a totally different charater. Not the Hannah I have come to love. In this book Hannah was insecure beyond belief, questioning who she was. Totally out of character. Hannah has always been a little self consious but nothing like in this book. She said things and did things that the Hannah I know wouldn’t do. The mystery was good as usual, and so were the recipes. The ending however, felt like when the Fonz jumped the shark on Happy Days. It was so far fetched and I honestly I think it is time to wrap up this series. It needs to be finished by returning Hannah to her amazing self, having her marry Norman and live happily ever after. Honestly I don’t know if I can continue reading this series if it goes down the path. If you haven’t read this series, please read it from the beginning and you wil fall in love with this series, don’t however read this book and think that this is how the other books are , because Banana Cream Pie, doesn’t fit the series.

A Must Read New Series

I am a little late in getting this post up, but I could not let time go by, without telling you about this amazing new series by Amanda Flower. The first book in her Amish Candy Shop Mystery came out last week, and it is a can’t be missed book.

Assaulted Caramel

 In assaulted Carmel we meet Bailey King who is living her dream in New York  as an assistant chocolatier. Bailey learns that her beloved grandfathers is sick, and rushes to Harvest Ohio to check on him. Bailey barely arrives, when she hears an argument between her grandfather and a land developer in front of her grandparents candy shop Swissmen Sweets. She finds that her grandfather is better than she thought and she could return to New York in a couple of days, that is until she finds the land developer dead in her grandparents candy shop. Bailey then has to clear her name and her grandfathers.

My Review

Once I started Assaulted Carmel I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Harvest Ohio and it’s residence. Amanda Flower is a master at writing Amish Mysteries. Bailey’s personal problems and the mystery were weaved perfectly together and I didn’t know until the end who the killer was. I laughed at Jethro the polka-dotted pig and I cried when Bailey cried, and I have not had a book make me cry in a very long time. You have to read Assaulted Carmel right now! I cannot wait for February when Lethal Licorice the second in this new series is released




Love Me Some Murder With My Mocha

Happy July! I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by. Summer is when I get to read more than any time of the year so I think it should so down. here is my review for Mocha and Murder. I wrote it while drinking  what I call my poor man’s mocha which is just hot chocolate mixed with my coffee. Tonya Kappes is one of my all time favorite authors and honestly you have to try every series she writes! Here is my review

In this second book in A Killer Coffee Mystery, we are brought back to the delightful southern town of Honey Springs and the owns beloved coffee spot. When the local apple farmer is found dead, and the owner of the Pet Palace is standing over him with a knife, what is a Roxy to do, but put down her Mocha and find the real killer. I loved this book as much as the first, I liked the twist of her mother showing up, it added to getting to know Roxy and added story. There was so many twists and turns in this book and reasons for why Fred was killed. When I thought I had an idea of who the killer was, a new twist or information was added, making it almost impossible to figure out who the killer was until the end. I would highly recommend this book to all cozy lovers.If you haven’t read the first it will not stop you from knowing what is going on, it will just make you want to but the first.

One Fete In the Grave

Vickie Fee starts One Fete In the Grave with a bang. Someone killed Bubba Rowland during the Fourth of July celebrations Liz organized. Liz is shocked when the prime suspect is her mother’s new fiance Earl. Liz and Di need to clear Earl’s name and not get killed themselves.

My Review

I enjoyed  One Fete In the Grave. One of the best things about the Liz and Di series is the southern feel that Vickie Fee gives this series and I wasn’t disappointed. The story had a nice pace and the mystery had some nice twists and turns. I did not know who the killer was and was surprised by who it was. I laughed so much with the parts when  Liz was with her mother and wedding plans. This book did not include Di as much as the first two, but the end makes me think the next one will have a lot of her. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great mystery and great characters. If you haven’t read the first two it would be okay to read One Fete In the Grave you won’t get lost. I look forward to future books in this series.

Brew or Die

Brew or Die is the fourth book in Caroline Fardig’s A Java Jive series. Juliet is finally a licence private investigator. She is busy convincing Pete that being a P.I is not dangerous, when her barista Shane asks for help solving his girlfriends suspicious death. Juliet goes undercover in the party planning business to help find out what really happened to Shane’s girlfriend. while trying to keep her Ex out if her life.

My Review

This is the first book I have read in this series. Which wasn’t a problem the author did a great job if making sure a new reader didn’t feel lost. I enjoyed the characters and the vulnerability they had with each other. This book had a lot going on between different characters and Fardig did a fantastic job of weaving them in with the mystery. The mystery had me guessing until almost the end and gave plenty of twists and turns. I do wish the book described the city of Nashville with more detail and the conflict with Ryder and  Jules was drawn out a little too much. I enjoyed Brew or Die and have put the first three books on my must read list. If you love a good mystery with your coffee then you’ll love Brew or Die

Fixin to Die

Fixin To Die by Tonya Kappes

Fixin to Die is the first book in the wonderful Kenni Lowry series. Someone has gone and murdered a beloved doctor. Sheriff Kenni Lowry has never had to handle a murder investigation. She  isn’t sure where to begin, but finds herself with more help than she needs. There is the whole town who wants to stick their nose in the investigation. The handsome state reserve officer Finn Vincent, and if that wasn’t enough, her dearly departed grandfather has come to help her. With a murder investigation and robbery suspiciously happening on the same day, Kenni has to find the killer and show everyone she was made to be the sheriff.

My Review

What I love most about this book is how Tonya Kappes brings the character of Kenni Lowry to life. I think that every woman can relate to her. She feels like she has a weight on her shoulders, her parents disagree with her choice of career, because being a sheriff is a mans job. The town is waiting for her to fail, and Kenni just wants to follow her heart. The whole town of Cottonwood is hilarious and eccentric. I liked the pace of the story and the double mystery was a nice twist. The ending was perfect and I couldn’t wait to read Southern Fried.

Southern Fried Book Review

Southern Fried by Tonya Kappes 

Southern Fried is the second book in a new series by the amazingly talented Tonya Kappes, who brings a small southern town and all its eclectic residence, to life in the Kenni Lowry series.

In Southern Fried Kenni is called to the local florist greenhouse, where the owner has discovered the body of her delivery man. Kenni must solve a murder that has an unexplained cause of death.

While figuring out how to keep the fact that her  Poppa, who is a ghost, and only she can see under wraps so people don’t think she is crazy.

Keep the blooming relationship between her and her temporary sheriff Finn Vincent under control and if that isn’t enough, there is her missing beloved dog Duke. Kenni has a lot of work to do.

My Review

I loved Southern Fried, just as much as Fixin to Die, the first in the Kenni Lowry series. I love how the town of Cottonwood, comes to life as you read. The tension and romance between Kenni and Finn, was just right. I love the well placed humor through out the book. The mystery was great, it kept me guessing until the end. Which I always enjoy in a book. Tonya Kappes is really an expert at writing southern mysteries. If I had to choose one thing I didn’t care for it would be Kenni trying to hide the fact that her Poppa’s ghost is helping her solve the murder. I get a little tired of her always trying to explain who she is talking to.If you haven’t read the first book, not to worry you will have no problem knowing what is going on. This is a great series filled with southern hospitality.