Fixin to Die

Fixin To Die by Tonya Kappes

Fixin to Die is the first book in the wonderful Kenni Lowry series. Someone has gone and murdered a beloved doctor. Sheriff Kenni Lowry has never had to handle a murder investigation. She  isn’t sure where to begin, but finds herself with more help than she needs. There is the whole town who wants to stick their nose in the investigation. The handsome state reserve officer Finn Vincent, and if that wasn’t enough, her dearly departed grandfather has come to help her. With a murder investigation and robbery suspiciously happening on the same day, Kenni has to find the killer and show everyone she was made to be the sheriff.

My Review

What I love most about this book is how Tonya Kappes brings the character of Kenni Lowry to life. I think that every woman can relate to her. She feels like she has a weight on her shoulders, her parents disagree with her choice of career, because being a sheriff is a mans job. The town is waiting for her to fail, and Kenni just wants to follow her heart. The whole town of Cottonwood is hilarious and eccentric. I liked the pace of the story and the double mystery was a nice twist. The ending was perfect and I couldn’t wait to read Southern Fried.


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