Brew or Die

Brew or Die is the fourth book in Caroline Fardig’s A Java Jive series. Juliet is finally a licence private investigator. She is busy convincing Pete that being a P.I is not dangerous, when her barista Shane asks for help solving his girlfriends suspicious death. Juliet goes undercover in the party planning business to help find out what really happened to Shane’s girlfriend. while trying to keep her Ex out if her life.

My Review

This is the first book I have read in this series. Which wasn’t a problem the author did a great job if making sure a new reader didn’t feel lost. I enjoyed the characters and the vulnerability they had with each other. This book had a lot going on between different characters and Fardig did a fantastic job of weaving them in with the mystery. The mystery had me guessing until almost the end and gave plenty of twists and turns. I do wish the book described the city of Nashville with more detail and the conflict with Ryder and  Jules was drawn out a little too much. I enjoyed Brew or Die and have put the first three books on my must read list. If you love a good mystery with your coffee then you’ll love Brew or Die


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